New Patients

Providing for a Stable Foundation

As we age, our bodies eventually start to decline in strength and function. Every person’s body reacts differently according to the specific traumas and postural abnormalities that occur over the many years of living. In order to begin the healing process and achieve proper strength, balance, and stability, your body needs the required care of timely interventions to bring about the best responses.

In order to provide the best potential for relief of symptoms and to start on a path to full recovery, it is necessary to perform a proper evaluation that includes a consultation of your problems and your needs, a physical examination of your problem areas, and a digital graphing of the soft tissue that is involved with your instabilities and imbalances.

Once a proper determination of what needs to be done to relieve your symptoms and start you on your path to recovery, then treatment begins. With specific gentle-force adjusting, the joints and soft tissues are repositioned to their normal and balanced states. Two types of vibration are then used to relieve muscular tension and to eliminate scar tissues that have formed. Manual stretching is also employed to lengthen tight muscles and to relieve nerve irritation. Decompression therapy can be utilized in alleviating disc bulging in the neck and low back. Interferential current electrical stimulation suppresses pain and relaxes body parts. Kinesio Taping is also utilized to activate the neurological and circulatory systems in rehabilitating muscles so they can function properly.