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Kidney Stones

One of the major conditions causing kidney disease is the ubiquitous kidney stone.  When released from the kidney, these stones can become stuck in any part of the urinary organs and elicit intensely sharp or colicky pain.  These stones form as certain mineral salts coalesce to form clumps.  Most of these stones are composed of

Prebiotics and Probiotics

Prebiotics and Probiotics Living inside our body’s gastrointestinal (GI) system, especially in the colon, is a balanced existence of trillions of good and bad bacteria.  The healthful bacteria, in producing lactic acid, decrease bodily pH, enabling a slightly acidic environment in the urinary tract and the vagina.  Unhealthful bacteria substantially increase in an unbalanced setting, creating

Nuts for Heart Disease & Diabetes

Nuts Emerging evidence over the last 3 decades have reported on the prevention and risk-reduction of heart disease and type 2 diabetes through the consumption of nuts.  Previously, doctors had cautioned against eating nuts, stating that they are high in fat content which could increase cholesterol and contribute to weight gain and obesity.  It is

Immunotherapy for Cancer

Immunotherapy 7 million people die of cancer every year worldwide. The immune system in the body struggles in its attempt to contain cancer; unfortunately, it fights a losing battle. Tumors originate from healthy cells that have lost control of their growth abilities, and they are not seen as alien to our bodies. Nevertheless, killer immune

Live Longer and Healthier with Resveratrol

People who live or come from France consume high-cholesterol foods, yet have low rates of heart disease. This is known as the “French paradox”. The underlying reason for this benefit may be that they drink red wine during dinner. Grapes have a powerful antioxidant called resveratrol that helps improve a person’s overall health. Whereas red

Coffee and Caffeine

COFFEE and CAFFEINE During the 20th century, many foods were considered harmful to the human body. These dietary bad guys, which included nuts, eggs, avocados, and chocolate, have had their images rehabilitated when proper studies have been done. Next in line to receive favorable ratings was coffee. Earlier studies that blamed coffee for health problems