Acupuncture is a holistic and complete healing method. It can help relieve pain, establish balance, treat disease, and even improve health throughout the body which has proven its effectiveness in eastern Asia for over 3000 years. Acupuncture, one of Asian Medicine is recognized not only for curing existing conditions, but for preventing the onset of disease and life-threatening illnesses. You can enjoy benefits through Acupuncture treatment like anti-aging issues, releasing pain and faster recovery, increased sense of well-being, boosting focus and clarity, and much more improving quality of life.


In Asian Medicine, herbs are mostly prescribed with acupuncture and other alternative treatments. They are extremely effective in unblocking the flow of Qi and fortifying the internal organs. Herbal formulas are specifically designed for the individual needs of the patient. Chinese herbs, used in combinations does not contain active ingredients. Rather, they help your body to produce its own active ingredients to heal for long-term. They are combined with careful consideration to create a formula that will restore a homeostasis to the body. In other words, pharmaceutical medicine works as a replacement therapy whereas natural medicine works as an empowering therapy.


This is a unique alternative method therapy from Asian medicine that involves placing plastic or glass cups on the skin. These create a suction, pulling stuck, stagnant, and congealed blood and other fluids out of the injured areas. These also release muscles from their tight and painful conditions. These function like a deep tissue massage in reverse. The goal is to facilitate healing through proper blood flow and body balance.