Dr. Douglas Gordon is certified by the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME).

Chiropractic Healing Team

Located in Woodland Hills, the Chiropractic Healing Team is dedicated to helping you fulfill an active, pain-free lifestyle. Our mission is to provide you with the utmost care so to allow your body to achieve strength, balance, and stability.

Doctors Douglas Gordon and Mya Cho provide quality care through the use of modern state-of-the-art techniques, equipment, and technology. You will feel comfortable and secure with every moment of your office visit.

We are committed in bringing to you a superior health and a happier way of living.

Our Team

You can consider yourself in good hands with our Chiropractic Team.


Success Stories

I have been seeing Dr. Gordon, as needed, since he opened his office in 1997.  My wife is also a long-time patient.  Once I was having severe right knee pain and weakness.  I thought I was going to need surgery.  Dr. Gordon asked me to let him take care of it.  Within 6 treatments, my knee was completely healed and has not bothered me in the 5 years since.  Dr. Gordon is the only chiropractor we ever use.  He’s the Best!!

– Lynn Cohen

Dr. Gordon’s work has allowed me to delay or maybe prevent almost-certain surgery.  I have a bone spur in my large left toe, and the pain has been reduced by 90%.  Over the past decade, he has kept my back in good health by resolving moderate issues and probably preventing more serious problems.  I’m a big fan of the Activator technique he employs.

– Bruce Ravid

My experience with Dr. Gordon has been gratifying in that he has always been able to analyze where my pain was located. Because of his scientific method, he was able to remove my pain almost immediately. I will continue to use his services, and I recommend him highly.

– Virginia H. Darragh

Prior to my recent treatment, I had been treated by Dr. Gordon for knee and back problems. Years later, after tearing my ACL in my left knee and going through physical therapy for several months, I hardly made any progress. My knee was in constant pain and as the months went on, I felt helpless and frustrated. I then chose to seek help from Dr. Gordon, and soon after beginning my treatment, I was making great progress. Towards the end of my treatment, I was able to run without any pain and do what I enjoy the most, playing soccer with my friends. My improvement is all due to Dr. Gordon. Thank you for helping me once again!

– Roland Terezon

Dr. Gordon has really helped me with my back. When I first came into his office, I had lower back pain so bad that I could hardly put my shoes on. I had pain shooting down my right leg. Now, I’m pain-free and a lot more flexible than I’ve been in years. Thank you, Dr. Gordon.

– Ken Kusal

During a fun weekend of waterskiing, I fell on my head off of a platform. My neck hurt so much that I was unable to rotate it. I made an appointment with Dr. Gordon. After a single visit, my neck mobility returned and the pain went away. I have continued to use his services each time I do something to my body that I shouldn’t. Fortunately, he has returned me to health each time.

– Annette Otey

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